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Aeronamic B.V.

Aeronamic is a world-wide recognized innovative, high technology driven designer, developer and producer of turbo machinery, motor driven systems and critical high-precision components for the aerospace industry.

Aeronamic has built a state-of-the-art facility at its Almelo headquarters to realize a Center of Excellence for housings, casting2hog-out and machined castings as well as a Center of Excellence explicitly appointed for centrifugal, axial wheels/rotors/impellers and other critical high-precision machined parts.

Aeronamic has a tradition of continued investments in research, innovation and technology, extensively funding Product Development to focus on innovative design, manufacturing technologies and staff to improve customer competitiveness whilst enhancing our prospects for future growth, greener ways of power and air management on board aircraft.

Aeronamic is the single source supplier in the Airbus A350 program for the scroll compressor system used for cooling avionics and the galleys and participates in the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II  supplying the Forward Module as part of the Power & Thermal Management System. Aeronamic is responsible for the manufacturing, production, final assembly and testing of the Forward Module which will take place in the company’s main facility in Almelo, The Netherlands.

Aeronamic received a large order to manufacture and deliver load compressors as exclusive supplier for  the US Air force new-generation aerial refuelling tanker aircraft which will replace the older Stratotankers fleet currently in operation.

In its determination to play a significant role in future Aerospace programs Aeronamic steadily professionalizes its Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) implementing its first phase of full PLM/APQP to cope with the increasing complexity and engineering challenges of developing new products.
With the Delft University of Technology and the Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) Aeronamic successfully tested a revolutionary high-speed Electric Starter-Generator and Electric Control unit. Aeronamic is a member of the Green Systems for Aircraft Foundation GSAF - an associate in the Systems ITD of JTI Clean Sky.

Aeronamic is a Dutch high-tech company with state-of-the-art capabilities, distinguished by lean manufacturing, assembly and testing and employs some 155 staff at the main facility in Almelo, The Netherlands and the production facility in Síbiu, Romania.

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Aeronamic B.V.

Planthofsweg 79

7601 PJ Almelo

Contact person: H.R. Siezen

T: +31 (0)546 54 5570
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