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Electron Thermal Processing Equipment BV


Electron Thermal Processing Equipment is a major player and technology leader, with more than 25 years’ experience in providing turnkey heat treatment and diffusion coating solutions.
Meeting its customers' needs - from product design to manufacturing, and from follow-up service to maintenance - is what sets Electron apart from other furnace system manufacturers.
Electron is dedicated specifically to the thermal processing industry. The key personnel that form our company, have been individually selected for their knowledge in the thermal processing industry.
Superior design features, after market quality service, and a growing list of satisfied customers makes Electron the best qualified company to supply furnace equipment to meet your thermal processing needs.
Related to e.g. the gas turbine industry, Electron offers the industry’s most advanced heat treatment and diffusion coating equipment.
New heat treatment and coating process technologies have been developed, validated and tested in co-operation with WAMAR Engineering (France) including the latest technologies in coating for industrial gas turbines.

Electron’s large scale heat treatment and/or coating furnaces offer the highest capacity amongst the industry and the most cost-effective solution for heat treatment, cleaning and (internal) coating of F-class and other hot section gas turbine components.

Electron provides both equipment and process know-how as turnkey solution to the gas turbine component repair industry.
The state-of-the-art furnace system can be used to perform either one or a combination of below listed processes:
• Vapour Phase Aluminizing (VPA);
• Vapour Phase Chromizing (VPC);
• Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD);
• Hydrogen Fluoride Ion cleaning;
• Heat treatment under controlled atmosphere.

The Electron design coating furnace has a modular design and can be delivered in a single or multiple reactor (retort) configuration. Listed below an overview of the unique features of the system:
• process chamber with OD 1200mm. for large batch capacity;
• fast heating and cooling rates;
• high temperature uniformity;
• homogeneous gas distribution;
• controlled diffusion rate with mass flow controlled gas system;
• suitable for external and internal coating.

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Electron Thermal Processing Equipment BV

Contact person: Ralph van Beurden

T: 033 246 0888