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Flame Spray Technologies BV

Providing the thermal spray industry with technology to succeed.

Flame Spray Technologies (FST) is a dynamic, innovative, experienced and hands-on company committed to quality and customer service. Flame Spray Technologies has always been at the forefront of supplying the Thermal Spray industry with:

- Integrated Systems & Equipment
- Auxiliary Equipment
- Materials & Spare Parts
- Service & Calibration
- Thermal Spray Coatings
- Coating & Application Development
- Laboratory Services
- Technology

FST processes provide the opportunity to increase the performance of products and components. Thermal sprayed coatings can be applied to solve a wide variety of surface problems on almost all substrates, geometries and component sizes. Coatings can be applied either manually or with a fully automatic system, as single or high volume production.

Thermal Spraying is a technology where the suppliers, coating companies and the end-users are equally important. Combining knowledge, sharing know-how and making this information available will advance the coating technology further to the benefits of all parties.

Coating services
Engineered Performance Coatings (EPC) is a tradename for the coating service activities of FST.

EPC is a High-End, Well Respected Coating Services Company working with Leading High Profile Companies, with the following main core competences:

- Coating Production Services
- High/Medium volume coating production
- Special coatings & applications
- Customer overflow work
- Pre-production work
- Approving systems and/or applications
- Development of new applications/coatings
- Developing & optimizing coating production
- Full equipped laboratory service
- F.A.I.R First Article Inspection Report
- Know-How Transfer
- Coated Components

FST has the experience, knowledge and resources available to provide you with full support in finding solutions for your specific surface problems or requirements.

Contact information

Flame Spray Technologies BV

Contact person: Jeroen Jutte

T: +31613143171