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Aero Engine Round Table: Innovation in Data Driven Maintenance

16 June 2017 - The first Aero Engine Round Table, organized by the NAG & DGTA, took place at Transavia on June the 1st

On Thursday June 1st, the first of four Aero Engine Round Table sessions planned to take place in 2017 was held at Transavia based on the theme “Innovation in Data-Driven Maintenance”. The session focused on information-sharing related to the latest developments in aero-engine and gas turbine predictive maintenance.

Three presentations highlighted the benefits for end-users of predictive maintenance tools. Bram Nicolai (Transavia) showed examples of how data analysis of engine parameters can lead to cost savings and can assist end-users in monitoring fuel consumption in relation to specific engine configurations. Dirk van den Herik (KLM E&M) focused on the features on an in-house developed engine health monitoring package allowing deep learning to improve fault monitoring. Wilfried Visser (B&B Agema) concluded the presentation session by taking the audience through examples of data-driven maintenance using a dedicated customer-friendly software tool.

Subsequently, the group discussion addressed topics such as data accessability, data integrity, intellectual property, OEM versus end-user relationship, and to what extent the use of engine health monitoring provides an engine / APU MRO shop with a competitive advantage. The broad background of the participants (aero-engine as well as gas turbine users) allowed the topics to be addressed from various viewpoints, thus allowing all involved to benefit from each others experience.

At the end of a lively discussion the 25 participants were given a shop tour by Bram Nicolai with a Transavia airplane arriving for an overall inspection just at the moment the shop tour started. Many of the Round Table participants used the opportunity not only to be informed of the particularities of aircraft & engine maintenance but also to experience at first hand.

On June 28th, the second Aero Engine Round Table of 2017 is planned to take place; this time at KLM Engineering & Maintenance. The theme of this Round Table is “Innovation in Inspection”

@Courtesy of NAG

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