Dutch Gas Turbine Association

Serves the Dutch gas turbine industry

Dear DGTA relation,

For the last 42 years the Dutch Gas Turbine Association, DGTA  (Vereniging Gas Turbine, VGT) has done a great job.  As a technical association, we accelerated the innovation and business of gas turbine technology in the Netherlands, by the creation of a strong network.  Many (young) engineers were inspired by the knowledge and people from our gas turbine network. 

The world has changed in many ways. The Gas Turbine industry is also in a transition towards zero carbon. 

All these global changes have a direct effect on the DGTA as an Association. The Board and the Members agreed to stop the activities of the DGTA per 31 December 2023. 

The Stichting Gasturbine Onderwijs (SGO) will continue and is strengthening its position in the Dutch Gas turbine Network. We warmly recommend you to join SGO.

Website: www.sgonderwijs.nl & e-mail: [email protected]

On behalf of the board and members of DGTA I would like to thank the gas turbine network for their support and friendship over the years!

Okko Ebens & Angelique Tadros

The Dutch Gas Turbine Association is the sector association for the gas turbine industry in the Netherlands. 
The aim is to strengthen the technological, commercial and labour market position of this industry.   

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