Mission & Vision 

Mission statement

The mission of DGTA is to serve the Dutch gas turbine industry; to strengthen the technological and commercial position of the Netherlands gas turbine industry that offers products or services to OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) or operators. The DGTA is realizing this mission through joint activities with members that go beyond their individual business opportunities. It acts a Dutch community in the international gas turbine world.

Strategic vision

1.     The Netherlands gas turbine industry should make an essential step in the (international) manufacturing value chain (technology, design, assemblies);

2.     The Netherlands-based gas turbine maintenance, repair and overhaul industry should develop or sustain a technological knowledge, which enables it to compete globally with other top players;

3.     The education in gas turbine technology and the labour market position should result in sufficient annual entrance of university graduates, mechanical engineers and mechanics to the industry;

4.     The stimulation of technology development and application should result in better and more efficient performance of gas turbine electricity production and in the development of environmentally friendly repair processes;

5.     DGTA participates at a strategic level in all relevant national and European GT-forums in the field of aviation development and energy. DGTA is seen as the representative of the Netherlands gas turbine industry;

6.     DGTA influences government policy and legislation, preferably in joint action with other interest groups and organisations;

7.     DGTA promotes market pportunities. DGTA acts in this as the central point: the initiator, catalyst, designer and executor of the joint activities.

3 Programme lines

1. Communication & Events

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2. Technology & Innovation

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3. Education & Labor Market

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