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Tehran, Iran

2 - 5 March 2018
Organized by IPGTEC

Iran's Power generation sector is moving towards one of the worlds most modern power industries. It is one of the largest power sectors in the Middle East and with a rapid forecasted annual growth rate. This needs a quantum jump in all aspects and sectors related to power generation uncluding digital and technological techniques in collaboration with other developed pioneers of the field.

IPGTEC, owned by P.G.PERGAS, is a specialized international exhibition of power organized by PERGAS Events and Rahpouyan Eghtesad Pasargad', in coordination with power generation sectors and turbo machinery industries. IPGTEC aims to create a foundation and platform to discuss solutions for advancing future of the power industries in Iran and the whole region.

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DGTA's membership is open to gas turbine manufacturers; manufacturers of components and systems, maintenance, overhaul and repair companies, consultancies, users and research institutes. DGTA's members are active in nearly every possible application of gas turbine technology, including aviation, industrial, marine and cogeneration.

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Technology & Innovation

DGTA hosts two user groups: the Working Group of Industrial Turbine Users in te Netherlands and Belgium (WIGG) and the European users of the GE Frame 6B gas turbine. The WIGG meets every 6 months to get informed on hot subjects, share knowledge and evaluate on performance. The GE Frame 6B users meet once every two years somewhere in Europe for a three-day conference.

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