SGO - Stichtig Gasturbine Onderwijs

Foundation for gas turbine education


SGO (Foundation for gas turbine education) was set up in 1990 by the Dutch Gas Turbine Association.

SGO finances a professorate in gas turbine technology at the Delft Technical University, Faculty of Design, Engineering and Production and the Faculty for Aerospace Engineering.

SGO is the linking pin between educational institutions and the gas turbine industry.

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  • Secure Gas Turbine knowledge and keep it sustainable for Aviation (MRO), Power and Industry.   
  • The availability of Gas Turbine Education at Technical University/ University of Applied Science / Technical College level. 
  • Gas Turbine research for aviation (MRO), power and industry. 


From the late 90s, the objectives of the foundation expanded from only education into gas turbine research. In consultation with the industry, subjects have been formulated, funding was found and PhD candidates have been recruited.

The Foundation is financed by additional contributions from DGTA-members and contributions from other turbine related companies and institutions in the Netherlands.