Join DGTA!

DGTA adds to the regular lines of business of the members as they belong to “the Dutch Gas Turbine Community”. This community provides a network with shared values and trust and which has added value by means of...

• R&D directions; new developments, materials, adaptation to new regulations.
• Business Development; market access, new markets, surveys.
• Recruitment; trainees, direct contact with schools and universities.
• Lobby activities and representation in specific and dedicated platforms.
• Exchange of information about technology, education and markets.
• Direct access to other companies, organisations, universities, government institutions and programs.

Practical benefits of DGTA membership include:

• Stronger reputation of the gas turbine  (Gas turbine advocacy)
• Participation in technology projects, (trade) exhibitions, user groups and conferences
• Access to the extensive DGTA Network and information channels
• Free Turbo Guide with information on the installed stationary gas turbines in the Netherlands, on- and offshore
• Distribution channel of press releases, traineeships, vacancies and further company information through the DGTA website and social media accounts
• Your company name put on all communications by DGTA

Become a member

For more information and the conditions of the DGTA membership please contact [email protected].