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3 January 2018 - International Power Generation & Turbomachinery Exhibition & Conference

2 - 5 March 2018

Tehran, Iran

About the Event
Iran's Power generation sector is moving towards one of the world’s most modern power industries. It is one of the largest power sectors in the Middle East and with a rapid forecasted annual growth rate. This needs a quantum jump in all aspects and sectors related to power generation including digital and technological techniques in collaboration with other developed pioneers of the field.

IPGTEC, owned by P.G.PERGAS, is a specialized international exhibition of power organized by PERGAS Events and Rahpouyan Eghtesad Pasargad', in coordination with power generation sectors and turbo machinery industries. IPGTEC aims to create a foundation and platform to discuss solutions for advancing future of the power industries in Iran and the whole region.

Several technical workshops will be presented as part of the exhibition to portray the latest advancements in this field. These workshops will be presented by internationally recognized experts from all around the world, as listed below:
- Operational excellence in power industry
- Asset management in power industry
- Condition monitoring and value added maintenance
- Gas turbine life assessment and extension
- Root cause analysis in power industry and turbomachinery
- Condition assessment of electro-mechanical rotating machines (generators, motors, etc.)
- HRSG life assessment and life extension during cyclic operation
- OEM & non-OEM related insurance liability and risk management in power industry

Why Exhibit?
More than 54 percent of the world's oil reserves, nearly 40 percent of the extracted gas resources and production of more than 40 percent of the petrochemical products in the Middle East, have brought more than 30 percent of world's gas turbines to this area.

Construction of gas units, due to its quick installation and commissioning id the shortest possible method for generating electrical energy. There are a large number of gas-fired power plants with a different capacity in the region and Iran with more than 1500 operating units of gas turbine, has the second place after United Kingdom in the world and first place in the Middle East. These turbines play a very important role in the production and transfer of oil and gas products globally.

All that having been said, international power generation and turbomachinery exhibition and conference (IPGTEC) can surely be entitled as a spectacular host to the international business pioneers and technical experts of this industry.

IPGTEC benefits all aspects of a holistic approach to an international professional event. In addition to the emerged market place resulted from the international trade show, IPGTEC provides other specialized services listed below:
- Free to attend Keynote, Plenary and Side event sessions
- 3 full days of technical workshop sessions
- Unrivalled networking opportunities and more

Providing a large trade show or power equipment and services as well as newest achievements on turbomachinery, IPGTEC is a great opportunity for domestic, regional and overseas pioneer supplies, and service providers.

If you wish to register as an exhibitor and book a stand at IPGTEC2018, please contact (Ken) Hon Pin Ong at

Note that if you are interested to be a speaker or organize your own workshop session at the IPGTEC2018 event, IPGTEC will cover all the expenses (flight & accommodation) and the desired commission.

Exhibition costs
You can rent an empty space or a booth with optional customized design and additional decoration sets.
For more information about the costs please contact (Ken) Hon Pin Ong at

Sponsor package
IPGTEC also has the following sponsor packages available:
1. Elite sponsor - €30.000
2. Gold sponsor - €25.000
3. Silver sponsor - €20.000
4. Bronze sponsor - €15.000

For more information about the sponsor packages, please contact (Ken) Hon Pin Ong at

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