International Generator Technical Community Forum

A technical forum to share, post and discuss your issues about your generators, gas turbines and steam turbines.

Partner of DGTA
The International Generator Technical Community (IGTC) hosts an online technical forum, the mission of which is facilitating technical discussions among industry professionals, worldwide, who are responsible for the service, maintenance and reliability of stationary generation equipment, including electric generators, turbines and auxiliary systems. The forums categories are organized to facilitate easy access to specialized content and encourage professional interaction between plant managers, maintenance engineers, manufacturers and service providers. Topics and issues must be non-commercial and technical in focus. To qualify to join, a person must be working member of the power generation industry and agree to respect the site's rules for professionalism and non-commercially-oriented postings.

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Membership requirements:
In order to become a member of the IGTC Technical forum, an individual must work as a professional in the power generation industry for one of the following:

• Power Generating Companies
• Consulting Engineering Companies
• Inspect & Test Companies
• Operating Companies
• Industry Media Companies
• Universities and Specialized Power Plant Training Companies
• Professional Engineering and Technical Societies
• Retired Mentor
• Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
• Independent Service Companies