Benefits for participants

All SGO partners have the opportunity to partipate HBO minor modules at Hogeschool Inholland or Hogeschool Amsterdam and lectures at the Technical Universtity Delft about Gasturbine Technology for free!!

HBO Minor Gas Turbine

SGO partners invest in knowlegde transfer in the field of Gasturbine Technology. In coöperation with Hogeschool Inholland, Hogeschool Den Haag, Hogeschool van Amsterdam and SGO participants a HBO minor Gasturbine Technology has been developed. Employees of SGO partners have the opportunity to participate in HBO minor modules for free.

When you are interested to participate please contact Mr. Philip Weersma of Hogeschool Inholland, via 


Projects HBO minor

Every year 12 practical company projects are required for our minor Gas Turbine students. Six groups of 4 to 5 students are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, during 7 weeks, max. 10 weeks. The study load is expressed in European Credits (EC), each EC stands for 28 hours. Every student spends approximately 5 EC. This means that the company can offer a project of 560 (4 students) to 700 hours (5 students).

Click here for an example and template for  writing a project suitable for the Gas Turbines minor.

Technical University Delft

SGO partners contribute financially to a professorate and a teaching / reseach appointment. SGO partners have the opportunity to participate the colleges Turbomachinery and Gas Turbine Simulation / Application. 

contact: Prof. Dr. Ir. S.A. Klein,, M +31 (0)6 159 65 844

College Turbomachinery (ME45170)

contact: Dr. Ir. W.P.J. Visser,, M +31 (0)6 207 46 562

Course Modeling, Simulation and Application of Power and Propulsion Systems (AE4263)



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